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Other Services

Consultancy Support for Schools

Our experienced consultants leverage the best in educational theory and research alongside practical experience to build capacity for sustained improvements in teaching and learning, working closely with schools on a tailored programme which will include:

  • CPD training
  • Giving in class support
  • Model teaching and working in partnership with key teachers/leaders
  • Offering support and guidance on planning and assessment

Accredited Numicon Training

We are pleased to work in partnership with the UK Oxford University Press (OUP) to deliver accredited Numicon training for FS/KS1/KS2. Numicon is an active, problem solving approach to developing mathematical skills based on structured resources and schemes of work that encourages positive mathematical attitudes, exploration and discussion in all children.  Through systematic use of the resources children can be enabled to think mathematically, discuss their ideas and investigate and solve problems. This open-ended approach is suitable for all age groups and allows children to develop very strong foundations and understanding of all mathematical concepts. To make the most of these excellent resources and accompanying scheme, our trainers help teachers explore and understand the pedagogy of the resources, to maximize learning possibilities.  To schools new to Numicon, once they have purchased the resources (Please contact OUP for this), we offer a 3 hour introduction to Numicon. Once schools have competed this we can offer sessions based on expanding the understanding of the materials and how to use them for either FS and KS1 or for KS2. Please contact us for more details.

Critical Friend Review

Giving pre-inspection support to schools in order to improve and facilitate best practice. Our experienced consultants will spend time observing current teaching in classrooms and generate a comprehensive report of current teaching practice. Working closely with the school, our professionals will go onto tailor and deliver a training and development plan in order to improve standards of teaching and learning.